Native Tongues 18 January 2021

Written by on January 19, 2021

This week on Native Tongues…

Big ups to Grassmouth who filled in this week.

Featured Track: IDC
Featured Artist: Raiza Biza

Featured Track: BEST FRIEND
Featured Artist: Stndrd

Featured Track: No Confetti
Featured Artist: Rhys Rich

Featured Track: What Is Competition?
Featured Artist: Jono Das

Featured Track: GO feat. TAGS
Featured Artist: Rizván

Featured Track:ESOL1GH Stab for Base FM

The other day, Deejay Grassmouth asked for this after his equipment malfunctioned in the Base FM studio; So these be the stabs done in the days after DOOMSDAY (RiP DOOM), the art is inspired to share some of my personal characters, who are primarily inspired by the WU TANG CLAN members many personalities, and secondarily by the VAUDEVILLE VILLAIN, MF DOOM, and inadvertently, and deducedly, by my once-mentor TOM SCOTT of HOME BREW, @peace, AVERAGE RAP BAND, and AVANTDALE BOWLING CLUB.

Cover by Shamatha One.

Featured Track: Living Right (feat. Gloria Laing & Siddi)
Featured Artist: Kau

Featured Track: Community (feat. Shaqles & Sizzorhands)
Featured Artist: Esoligh

Featured Track: Utu
Featured Artist: Eno x Dirty

Featured Track: Calisthenics
Featured Artist: Gino October

Featured Track: Go Get Em
Featured Artist: Waguan, Iceyghosts

Featured Track: One Spirit (Parks Remix)
Featured Artist: Rubi Du

Featured Track: Respek
Featured Artist: Phodiso

Featured Track: Big Deals
Featured Artist: Melodownz, Diggy Dupé

Featured Track: RED EYE
Featured Artist: Name UL

Featured Track: Touch
Featured Artist: Brown Boy Magik, Coco Solid

Featured Track: Dragon Fruit
Featured Artist: Team Dynamite, Louis Baker

Featured Track: Problem
Featured Artist: Haz Beats & Miloux

Featured Track: golde
Featured Artist: wongii

Featured Track: Ata Mārie
Featured Artist: Karnan Saba, Hone Be Good

Native Tongues is a one hour show of new music from local artists curated and hosted this week by Grassmouth. Big thanks to NZ On Air Music. Tune in live every Monday 3pm-4pm.

Launched in late 2011, Native Tongues is a 1 hour show dedicated to uncovering the freshest in underground music from Aotearoa. From bedroom producers who are just starting out through to artists with multiple releases on international labels, Native Tongues showcases the true sound of the underground.

Native Tongues highlights new music & new artists to the show each week, focusing more on emcees, beat makers, producers & electronic music.

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