Native Tongues 11 January 2021

Written by on January 12, 2021

This week on Native Tongues!…

Featured Artist: Sugoi
Featured Track: Atom Dance

Featured Artist: Jazz NOBODI
Featured Track: Tall Poppy

Jazz NOBODI is originally from Aotearoa, now based in Western Sydney and is one third of Planet Vegeta. He grew up on a lot of New Zealand hip hop and NZ music in general. Artists like Tom Scott, Scribe, Che Fu, Hollie Smith.

Featured Track: HOLD ON
Featured Artists: Chris RL, Sven IllySpewer, SSU

Featured Track: FAME
Featured Artists: Poetik, Raggadat Cris

‘A Special dedication to “Ganxsta Ridd” West in Peace’

Featured Track: Neck of my Woods
Featured Artists: Inc Records, Rankeez

Te Puke (Bay of Plenty) artist RANKEEZ is back with another dope single.

Featured Track: Express
Featured Artist: SYSYI

Featured Track: No Confetti
Featured Artist: Rhys Rich
Rhys Rich is known for his distinctive voice as a contemporary R&B come alternative HipHop performer amongst the ‘Underground’ scene of emerging artists.

Featured Track: 92baby
Featured Artist: TS

Featured Track: THIS FISH
Featured Artist: No Comply

Auckland based rap duo No Comply, the project of producer and rapper brothers Fynn and Ethan Blackwood. Their music is bold and considered, yet they infuse a playful and melodic take on the rapidly changing, forever evolving, genre we know and love as hip hop.

Featured Track: Watcha Say Now
Featured Artist: Shottaz, Oakley Grenell

Shottaz – Born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Perfected in Melbourne, Australia.
Oakley Grenell – Hip Hop producer Oakley Grenell hails from Canterbury now residing in Melbourne.


Featured Track: Love Letter
Featured Artist: GodFamilyHustle

Debut single from Auckland artist GodFamilyHustle.

Featured Track: Salsa
Featured Artist: BLKCITY

Local hip hop collective BLKCITY share the video for forthcoming single ‘Salsa’, a fresh latin-inspired track for summer that takes you straight to the dancefloor, with the video by emerging director Tom Grut showing the collective recounting their own memorable nights as they celebrated together at a real house party.

It’s just under a year since Raiza BizaAbdul KayBlaze the Emperor and Mo Muse joined JessB on stage during her Northern Bass set to perform ‘Funds Pt II’. The moment was electric, and the rappers realised that the dynamic sound they created together deserved to have a longer shelf life than just one track, and BLKCITY was born, combining the styles and life experiences of five of New Zealand’s most talented African rappers into one exciting collective.

Featured Track: Aston Martin
Featured Artist: Church & AP

Featured Track: Sky is Falling
Featured Artist: @Peace

Released in 2011.

Featured Track: Yalla Yalla
Featured Artist: NOURI

Kiwi-Kurdish songstress on the rise NOURI recently dropped her latest single ‘Yalla Yalla‘. She has become a musical phenomenon in the Middle East.

Nouri’s single Where Do We Go From Here? has been a No. 1 hit in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, Iraq and Qatar since it was released in late 2018.

Remarkably, the 25-year-old performer, says she wrote the song in an hour and released it without a record label.

It’s just the latest success for the young woman who was born in a Syrian refugee camp after her parents fled Kurdistan, before arriving in West Auckland at the age of three.

Featured Track: MANUKA
Featured Artist: Diaz Grimm

“I began making ‘MANUKA’ in Toronto when I was quite homesick. I wanted to find a sample from Aotearoa and ended up with a young Maisey Rika playing the guitar in her room with a friend on youtube. I had been teaching myself how to produce for a couple of months and decided to attempt a drum and bass track, ‘MANUKA’ is the result of that attempt.”

Featured Track: B.I.T.D (Back In Tha Day) – Released in 2019
Featured Artist: Big Sima

Ōtautahi rapper making big moves. Back In the Day, recorded with his friend, Tiki Taane, tells the story of a ”brown kid growing up in Christchurch”.

Featured Track: 298
Featured Artist: Fable

Hip-hop enigma Fable with track, 298. An ode to his hometown Papakura.

Featured Track: APPROPRIATE
Freatured Artists: Freddy Reynold, Abraham Kunin, Liana Vaipa-Rice

Appropriate is the lead single from Reynold’s new mixtape Pre Party Vol 1, which features further production from Kunin (The Dalai Lama, Home Brew, Teeks, Rush Wepiha, Phodiso). With refreshingly self-assured lyrics such as ‘I ain’t trying to be different I’m just trying to be me and that’s gifted.’

Reynold’s mission as an emcee is to contribute to the music landscape positively.

To make people feel good, no matter the skin they’re in.

Featured Track: Cruisin
Featured Artists: Sam V, bKIDD

Cruisin’ blends the seductive lyricism and charismatic delivery of Papatoetoe’s bKIDD, with the vocal chops and melismatic crooning of the Auckland’s SAM V. The track has been heralded as a soulful callback to 90’s R&B/Hip hop collabs with the modern subtleties in lyricism and melody. A fresh take on the classic feel.

Featured Track: A STEP BACK
Featured Artist: Kamahumble, Spyde

Kamahumble, Melbourne based, Christchurch raised MC. ‘A STEP BACK’ is off his debut EP, ‘Donuts’.


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