MIXTAPE: Young, Gifted & Broke – The Green Tape

Written by on May 13, 2015


Mixed by Tom Scott
Mastered by Ben Lawson @ Red Bull Studio AKL



This tape is for Dandruff Dicky’s dick out on a friday night like Isaac Aesili’s teeth. For Haz spewing up wicked wings on a saturday morning. For anyone that’s ever bought a coffee made by Christoph El Truento, or a mussel fritter from Tony Teez, or a burrito wrapped by a rapper called Tourettes. This is for the best dyslexic poet of our generation shouting on the phone to WINZ about 14 dollars. This is for Einstein in an apron; this is for Johnny Res. This is for Big L in a high vis vest; this is for Willie Wes. This is one of the 17 back breaking jobs Esther works for The Means to survive. Young, gifted and broke like the hearts of any beautiful woman that’s ever met Louie Knuxx. This is for Estere breathing life into that MPC like a ventriloquist. This is for Lui Tui trying to spell ventriloquist, writing rhymes on his phone cause his lap top got stolen by crack heads that he probably knows and he can’t afford a new one drinking $4 bottles of wine with an onion after taste. This for Ben Jammin shouting YGB in your ear at 4am on the Rakino’s deck with the house lights on. This is for Lucky Lance freestyling with his eyes closed for 8 hours straight on the best wednesday night of my life and the 3rd best night of his week. This is for Raiza Biza doing 366 gigs a year feeding his kids with the blood and sweat from support slots for dub step / reggae mash up bands he does’t wanna play for. This is for his sister falling in love with assholes just so that we can hear the beautiful songs written about them. This is for their old man, the over educated psychiatrist who made the trip half way round the world so that his two genius children could have the opportunity to be struggling rappers. This is for Brandon Haru waking up DJ Substance that night we got back from the strip club in Sydney just so he could whisper in his ear ‘you should’ve seen her bol, It was a beautiful thing bol’. This is for the dude in the fresh suit in the Serato HQ who used to be the dude behind the MPC in a digable planets cover band. This is for the dudes who should be successful enough by now to not still have rolls of tin foil stashed under their beds. This is for Ev Love‘s light bill. This is for Mike and Joel carrying the burden of Auckland’s broke musicians on their shoulders for the last decade. This is for the old place. This is for Rodi‘s new place. This is for Karnin selling insurance or whatever the fuck it is. This is for Ralph selling paninis. This is for anyone that’s given even half a fuck about our collective over the last however long we’ve been doing this. Always appreciated. Peace.



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