Mikey Dam ‘Would You’

Written by on May 3, 2021

This week’s local Eyes is from New Zealand singer-songwriter Mikey Dam with his latest track ‘Would You‘, the music video directed by Connor Pritchard is a moving look back at Mikey’s childhood.
The song was initially penned by Mikey during New Zealand’s second lockdown in August of last year, before being further produced by LA-based, New Zealand-born producer Leroy Clampitt (Justin Bieber, Madison Beer, Mallrat). Another sentimental offering following the heart-spoken account on ‘Time’, ‘Would You’ finds Mikey Dam stripping back to bare vulnerability expressed through his most pure form, a minimalistic acoustic guitar canvas spotlighting his signature intimate songwriting.
Described as “what six-year-old Mikey would’ve said to his dad,” ‘Would You’ is a sonic embrace providing closure and acceptance of the artist’s unstable childhood growing up raised by his Grandmother and Auntie. Searching for solace with warm, soothing melodies and gentle composure, Mikey chooses simple, understated songwriting to tap into his earliest memories and portray a childlike innocence.
Writing the song made me accept what happened, but in spite of it, I turned out good in the end. I believe that those situations made me who I am today. Sometimes those hard roads break people, and sometimes they make people. I don’t think I’d be able to make music and songwriter if I hadn’t been through those situations – it’s an ugly but beautiful thing,” Mikey reveals.
I want this song to reach kids who’re in this situation now, to help them understand that some people just have different upbringings. I hope that people who’ve been through similar situations know they’re not alone.” 

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