Isaiah Meek / Talent Scout

Developer – Born and raised in Auckland, Isaiah’s been working in radio since 2018 and started his own radio station (SILHOUETTE) at the age of 15.

Music and tech has always been the center of his passion and there’s no better blend of the two than radio and broadcasting (It’s more complicated than it looks trust me).

Isaiah joined Base as an intern in September 2020 and can now be found on the Base Breakfast show with Ian Beatmaster Wright & Friends. Apparently nicknamed the riddling intern (nobody likes that name), he brings a couple unique segments to the show and can be found stumping Ian with his ridiculously huge knowledge of riddles.

Over the past not-that-long he’s worked on the largest virtual music festival in the country of its time, and spent way too long making crappy computer-generated inspirational quote websites.

Current track