MEER ‘East Middle’

Written by on August 27, 2018

‘East Middle’ is the taken from the 2 track teaser Post Winter from Meer, who along with DBL DBL is one half of the group Cool Tan, who were formerly known as Heavy. Ya with me?

‘East Middle’ represents Meer’s cultural identity as an Auckland born Arab woman finding her own niche. Often compared to Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A, Meer wants it to be known that she isn’t the next M.I.A – Miss Lebanese is the first of her kind. She understands that making her identity visible in the tangible light of a rap song will create conversations and awareness for her culture. Meer’s main purpose is to push the space for similar artists who are lacking representation, through her own unapologetic artistry. –

The 2 tracks that make up Post Winter are produced by Scapegoat Mercy, with JessB adding a verse on ‘Woah’. Check out the release for yourself.


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