LOUIE KNUXX feat. FORTUNES ‘Dear God, Who Don’t Exist’

Written by on March 28, 2016


This week’s Turn It Up local tune comes off what Louie Knuxx calls his best album ever. The rapper’s third full length album, Tiny Warm Hearts, coincides with a recent move back to New Zealand and as it was funded by fans, he’s now giving away the finished product for free.

The album features a variety of producers, including Mzwetwo, Fortunes, Brandon Haru and Haz Beats. Dear God Who Don’t Exist is our tune of the week but also worth mentioning is Mercury Plaza, if only because it contains the most romantic line in a rap song released in the last year:

“We go down to Mercs / I’ll buy you anything you want”

Louie, you know our soft spot.


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