Written by on December 23, 2015

LOCAL EYES is a weekly BaseFM segment which weekly showcases a local artists music video. Looking back on this years videos there has been a multitude of great work from the musicians themselves as well as all of the artists involved in making these videos happen.

This has been the first year of LOCAL EYES and we have been able to post up well established artists along side NZ’s finest up and coming talent in addition to showcasing some of the most excellent artists the country has to offer from camera men to editors and of course the cornerstone of all moving visuals – The Directors.

The featured playlist is what we at BaseFM consider to be some of the best videos of the year as well as some old favourites thrown in for good measure.

Look forward to more LOCAL EYES videos in 2016.


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Local Eyes is a weekly segment on BaseFM focusing on New Zealand Music videos.

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