Written by on June 11, 2018

As the winter takes hold, lets warm things up with some summery South American vibes courtesy of Latinaotearoa. This week’s Local Eyes is ‘Jazzy Samba’ feat. Team Dynamite.
Whether you’re talking about the commercial success of Long Beach rap trio Ugly Duckling with ‘A Little Samba,’ or Californian beatmaker Madlib’s storied underground relationship with Brazilian music, hip-hop has long understood the power of a well-placed loop or sample from the right Latin American or South American record. The heft of this synergy sits front and center with Kiwi/Latin fusion outfit Latinaotearoa’s single ‘Jazzy Samba.’ Featuring guest raps and additional production from fellow Aucklanders Team Dynamite (Haz, Lucky Lance, and Tony Tz), ‘Jazzy Samba’ comes dressed up in a feel-good music video directed by Mark James Williams aka MC Slave from The Loggcabin.
Paying homage to the classic Havana to Miami boat cruise, and the tone of early 2000s New Zealand music videos, it’s a breezy ride. Come take a boat ride with Latinaotearoa band leader Bobby Brazuka and frontwoman Jennifer Zea, Team Dynamite, and some dancing girls. Sounds like a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon, right?

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