#Jusayin Presents: SUFF DADDY (MPM/Germany)

Written by on February 27, 2013

#Jusayin Presents: High Noon The Pool Party Edition

Saturday 2nd March | Point Erin Pools

Kicks off at 3pm | Licensed Bar (no BYO) | Free entry > must RSVP the facebook event

In celebration of what has been an amazing summer #JUSAYIN are taking High Noon to a new level. Special guest Suff Daddy (MPM/Germany) will turn it up in true summer fashion with a live beats set and DJ set. Surround yourself in friends and get down!

Local support
WhoDat | Nivin In The Crates | W1se1 | Marcel Marceau | Ed G | KutCorners | Bro90 | Funkommunity Sound System | Recloose | @Misformatua

Suff Daddy from Berlin is leading the pack of the new wave of German beat producers like Dexter, Brenk Sinatra, Twit One and Flako. 
“Suff Sells” is his third album features Miles Bonny, Elzhi, Phat Kat, Fleur Earth, Vertual Vertigo, Twit One and Hulk Hodn, follows on from previous releases “Hi-Hat Club Vol.2 – Suff Draft” and “Gin Diaries”. 29 brand-new Suff Daddy joints in a drunken boom bap style. Fuelled by crackling old records, weed and sick micro korg licks. A couple of vocals cuts are thrown into the mix too but it’s all about the beat and the vibe here.

Step into the world of Suff Daddy…

Life can be easy when you are Suff Daddy. You get up late and roll a phat one. You switch on your MacBook and chop some samples. Pour yourself a drink and twist the Micro Korg. Upload the track on the MPM server and let it marinate there for a minute. Miles Bonny, Elzhi or Fleur Earth may add some vocals later on. If it is a tuesday night you pack up your gear and head to Beat Geeks, the producer hang-out in Berlin Kreuzberg that you host. If it is a Friday or Saturday chances are good that you jump on the ICE train and head to Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna or Zürich for a gig. You play Splash Festival, Beat BBQ, Hip-Hop Kemp and the Hi-Hat Club and do tours with Miles Bonny. No matter where you go, people welcome you with free weed and liqour. You hang out with your producer friends Brenk Sinatra, Twit One, Dexter, DJ Day or Hulk Hodn and talk beats, rhymes and life. When your new record is ready, HHV pre-order a 1.000 + copies and produce a free t-shirt. You sign sponsorship deals with the San Diego Padres, Tanqueray, Carhartt and Louis Vuitton…


Feelin Music Podcast N°4 / Suff Daddy (MPM) – SUFF’S O.G. KUSH by Feelinmusic

Highway Patrol by Suff Daddy

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