JARNA ‘If Only You Knew’

Written by on September 13, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes is from Auckland based artist JARNA and is produced by Auckland very own super producer EDY On The Beat.

”If Only You Knew” is a modern R&B/Pop track that shares a story about two people who are on two different wavelengths, who come together in the end after the other person finally admit their feelings. This track having a simple beat underlying the melody helps the audience to really understand the lyrics instead of just hearing the words. This song also leads up to the release of JARNA’s second mixtape, a sequel to her first, scheduled to drop in November this year titled “memoirs for the brokenhearted pt.2”, made especially for those who enjoy deep R&B sounds and will also further push the heartstrings of listeners going through the struggles of heartbreak.

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