INTRODUCING: The Pimps Spirit

Written by on February 9, 2015


Vodka has a history that goes back many a century in time. The Russians, the Polish, either one. It marks a grand old history. Something that has remained untouched for centuries.

Aotearoa Intelligence which makes “The Pimps Spirit”, wanted to create a drink that captures the history and essence of vodka but also brings some style to the marketplace.  Something for now and something that can create its own history in time.

Yes we’ve taken one of the oldest drinks known to man and PIMPED IT! Others have pimped your car, pimped your house and even tried to pimp you but now we’ve PIMPED your spirit. Honestly you can’t get much better than that.

Now please allow me to introduce myself, I am “The Pimps Spirit”.  I am a gentleman and a scholar, for I am a “pimper” aka “The Pimps Spirit”. A man who likes to dress to be seductive, for that is the true meaning to be “pimper”.

“The Pimps Spirit” is made from the finest grain ethanol, water from our secret location and naturally infused with vanilla pods. This process produces one the smoothest vodkas that you have ever tasted. Each batch is carefully crafted, for you the customer! | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

The Pimps Spirit is proud to present FRIDAY DRIVE on Base FM with Ian ‘Beatmaster’ Wright & DJ SuLu. Listen out each Friday between 4-6pm for the latest news, product info and cocktail recipes!


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