In The Neighbourhood

Written by on February 2, 2012

Thursday 7-10am with CHIP MATTHEWS & DYLAN C
100% NZ Music Selections, thanks to NZ ON AIR

With so much great music coming out of Aotearoa at the moment, we thought it was time to dedicate 1 day each week to honour our talented brothers & sisters. Thursday Breakfast presents In The Neighbourhood.

Chip Matthews: has been involved with bands since the early 90s, and has performed live or recorded sessions with The New Loungehead, Opensouls, Che Fu & Token Village, Ladi6, The Tornadoes, Anika Moa, Tyra Hammond with The Bluebirds, Homebrew and a whole lat more than he can recall right now. Tune in though, because when he does remember who he has played with, he’s gonna drop it on the show and remind us all the importance of bass.

Dylan C: is a hoarder of music. Shoeboxes of CDs containing the hopes & dreams of some of our favourite local artists, featuring demos, b-sides and early sessions all get a look in when putting together the show. Throw it all in the mix with the freshest of local beats and pieces, and that is the show: In The Neighbourhood.

OUR HOOD: Williamson Ave Wall by DLT & Dan Tippett

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