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Written by on May 24, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes is something a little different with Māori music collective ‘IA’ who have teamed up with Te Toki Waka Hourua to create a live music film which is a first of its kind. The band collaborated with Te Toki and film Director Moehau Hodges Tai to capture a live performance featuring taonga pūoro/traditional Māori instruments while sailing the traditional waka on the open ocean. 

The intention for the live performance on the waka was to showcase IA’s latest single titled Kōkōrangi released May 13.  Featuring the voices of the traditional Kōauau (bone flute) and Ponga Ihu (nose flute), Kōkōrangi celebrates the art of traditional pacific voyaging.  The word  kōkōrangi translates to astronomer and the lyrics of this song talk about how pacific ancestors and current voyagers of today have sailed across vast oceans using the star systems and natural elements to guide them. 

Band member Moetu Smith said that the filming process was challenging, “combining sailing, filming and live performance was difficult, particularly when you consider these are very sensitive wind instruments. But we are all happy with the final creation.”

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