Gino October ‘Better For Ya’

Written by on October 12, 2020

This week’s local video is the debut from Gino October, the first official single from his forthcoming project Look How Far We’ve Come, due out October 16th. ‘Better For Ya‘ serves as a memoir of reflection for Gino and sets the tone for the whole project.

The compelling visuals stem from the minds of Director Matt Mckenzie (Supernormal) and Creative Consultant Synthia Bahati, the music video captures the deep-rooted feelings of frustration, isolation, trauma and helplessness that Gino transcends through this song. “These are all feelings that we’re all familiar with but not to the same magnitude and intensity of immigrant families, especially the children – these are uncontrollable situations for them” Mckenzie explains.

Emotions swing on the 7-track EP, from the financial frustrations and excitable pep-talk of ‘Calisthenics’, to the laid back, carefree jaunt ‘Enjoy The Ride’. The title track serves as the apex, where Gino drills into how that shared experience can bring siblings closer together. While some tracks were written in Sydney studios, Gino October wrote the majority of the seven songs for the project in his room in Auckland, preferring the creativity that came with being solitary in a familiar setting. While the sound and subject matter is diverse, the underlying theme is one of the journeys. The journey to a new country, the bumpy ride to acceptance and understanding, and the road you must travel first before you can allow yourself a moment to look back at how far you’ve come.


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