Gallery : Blu, Houseshoes and @Peace

Written by on April 5, 2013

On Wednesday night all the hiphop lovers of Auckland converged at Galatos to see the amazing line up of Blu, Houseshoes and @Peace. It was a real family affair with a whole lot of Base DJs, old school heads and younger heads all in attendance. The party started out with Dylan C warming the crowd up, the dance floor was packed by the time @Peace came on and was well swinging by the time Blu took the stage with HouseShoes. The party then spilled out onto the street after Blu’s last song and didn’t break up for a good while. {source}

As a taster here are some photos from Grantis but there will be many more up over the weekend. Thanks also to Jordan (who runs Thelonious along with Base FM’s Addison Chase) for the black and white photos (nice work getting up on the stage girl).


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