GALLERY: Base FM @ Real Groovy

Written by on September 12, 2014

Starting the celebrations early on Saturday 6th September, 10 Base FM DJs took over the musical selections instore at Real Groovy. The day started at 9am and went through til 7pm: 10 DJs, 10 hours of music, 10 years of Base FM.

When Base FM first started in 2004, Real Groovy was the go-to destination for fresh content for the Base FM DJs. At the time digital DJing was in it’s early stages and vinyl was still the main musical format that was used on the station. To keep the shows sounding fresh each week, the DJs would descend on RG to check out the latest 12’s, EPs & LPs, or spend a few hours digging through the bins to unearth vinyl classics and 2nd-hand gems.

Over the last 10 years Real Groovy has employed at least 10 different people who have had show on Base FM at some stage, so the connection with this institution is a string one!

Throughout the day, the following Base FM DJs dropped plenty of killer tunes, all on vinyl, and no doubt many of those records were sourced from the shelves surrounding them.

Big ups the DJs: Grantis (Afternoon Delight), Selecto (4 O’clock Roadblock), Addison (Beats Poetic), AD1 (Off The Record), PK (Salads), Lewis Tennant (Sunday Sounds), Chef D (Salads), Bob Sacamano (The Space Race), Megan (Sunday Sounds) and DJ Tido (Actual Proof Radio).

Massive shout out and thanks to all the crew at Real Groovy for having us! | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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