Friday Night Takeout

Written by on August 13, 2008

Friday 6pm – 8pm with Piet, Undercover Brother & guests from the Sandy Bay Social Club

A few years ago a group a mates thought it would be a good idea to take some turntables down the 82 steps to the tranquil ‘Il Paridiso’ on the shores of Sandy Bay, to bang out the sweet beats for the long weekend one extemely hot summer. Situated a mere bottlecap flic to the beach the summer sun blazed down pon the bach’s deck**, bronzing the girls while the boys played football! All the while the tunes and the surf kept rollin on in. As the sun set the mad feeds were cooked up from the tiny kitchen, the chilly bins emptied of their ice cold beverages & the knives kept red hot, the crew would continue dropping the fatties alongside the sound of the crashing ocean for the heavens above to skank the night away. 72hours later of non stop beats, from the loveliest Reggae to the chubbiest Jungle, thru the funkiest of soul, and past the timeless Hiphop the Sandy Bay Social Club emerged. Tu Meke!!! This tradition continued for many a summer. However 2 or 3 weekends a year was not enough for this game kru, so they started sharing their love of music to whoever was keen for a good night out in town. Now with numerous yard parties loungeroom dancehalls, clubs, bars, & soundclash mashups, the Sandy Bay Social Club rock on till the early hours whenever they are granted the oppertunity too. Come join us at our next big one.

R.I.P – Nicky G – Every show is dedicated to you brother!! Love you always


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