EMPWER HOUR with Teardrop featuring Rubi Du

Written by on May 11, 2022

The next edition of EMPWER HOUR we have world class MC and New Zealand’s reigning queen of dancehall and reggae, Rubi Du . Set to unleashes her bouncy new dancehall single ‘BACK UP’ + video from her upcoming project, due for release later this year. Make sure to tune in for EP 3 for some positive vibes with your host Teardrop.

As a well known Auckland reggae artist Rubi Du has been making waves in music both here in New Zealand and overseas, and most recently on a successful tour with NZ’s kings of dub, Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Formerly known as SilvaMC, Rubi has solidified herself as the Queen of New Zealand’s roots and dancehall scene and shows excellence with her ability both as a vocalist and an emcee with her electrifying live performances.

Her Caribbean heritage and Rastafarian childhood have helped to shape her unique and unforgettable style, while staying true to her kiwi roots.

Boasting heavy basslines and melodic vocals, Rubi Du brings new life to NZ music and is setting a high standard for South Pacific reggae and dancehall to come. Check out Teardrops chat with Rubi Du!

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