EMPWER HOUR with Teardrop, featuring Revival Nona

Written by on March 17, 2022

EMPWER HOUR is monthly on-air feature of a local female or non-binary creative, empower hour is a safe space for creatives brought to you by New Zealand on Air Music.

Joining Teardrop on this instalment of EMPWER Hour is Revival Nona. With a talented gift with music and a big heart for her community, Revival Nona has been involved and very active in the music industry writing and singing her own originals.

She has released tracks available on All Music Platform and has done many gigs alongside amazing NZ and International Artist.

She has toured around the world doing what she loves and inspiring peopelg in places all over the Pacific.

It has been a blessing to have her on our show sharing her love and passion for her craft as a singer/songwriter. Revival Nona also gives us insights on some of the ways she has learned to overcome daily obstacles she has faced. Her unique tone and vibe blesses our show as we are grateful to have her in in studio. 

Base FM will be keeping a close watch on this talent and we will be sharing much more of Revival Nona through out her journey. 

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