EMPWER HOUR with Sandy Mill featuring VïKÆ

Written by on May 31, 2022

The next edition of EMPWER HOUR we have the Ukrainan born, NZ raised artist, VïKÆ. Make sure to tune in for EP 3 for some positive vibes with your host Sandy Mill. Originally born in Ukraine and seeking refuge in New Zealand post Chernobyl. A classically trained musician VïKÆ has done a full 360 dance through the music-sphere.

Originally training as an opera singer, VïKÆ switched genres. She felt the need to create art that provokes thoughts, is catchy, exciting and fresh. Finishing her Bachelor of Music (Performance Voice) from the University of Otago (2016). VÏKÆ has finally landed where she describes as feeling ‘most at home’. Personal experiences provide a voice for the voiceless and an homage to the underdogs.

Breaking stigmas to showcase the true magic behind closed doors for those living with disabilities and those who suffer from mental health. She is not shy about her was diagnosis with bipolar; saying “being creative is a great form of healing”. The Ukrainian artist lathers her songs in silvery and powerful vocals. With lyricism which is raw, clever and a little peculiar. Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift, Astrud Gilberto, Ella Fitzgerald and traditional Ukrainian instruments, VÏKÆ is certainly one to watch.

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