eleven7four ‘Come Down’

Written by on June 14, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes is from eleven7four with their latest track ‘Come Down‘.

The Zimbabwe-born duo, consisting of twin brothers Muche and Shingi Murare, were born in 1995 and moved from Zimbabwe to East Auckland, NZ, with their father and three other siblings. It was in their new home that they grew accustomed to adolescence, engaging in mischief with their friends while developing a taste for skating and party cultures. Recording songs wasn’t in the cards, really, until they decided to pen a diss track towards a rival high school in 2012, which was met with regional acclaim. It would quickly set the course for what would become a flourishing career in music, beginning with courses at the SAE Institute to get degrees in audio engineering.

True to form, Muche and Shingi attacked the party circuit as part of several other groups, establishing themselves as a presence on the New Zealand hip-hop scene and at underground parties. Through connections, they ended up gracing the stage with some of rap music’s biggest names including Chance the Rapper and Wiz Khalifa, before going on a hiatus and regrouping as eleven7four with their sights set on breaking out of their provincial bubble.

The video for Come Down is directed and produced by NZ finest Connor Pritchard with a very 90’s hip hop feel, as duo are hung upside down which is very reminiscent of The Pharcyde ‘Passin’ Me By’ video.

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