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“Somewhere between the world at large and paradise is this EP of five songs; short stories against a backdrop of experimental music. Whatever you think of it, I promise you, if nothing else it will take you on journey…” – Mara TK.

Electric Wire Hustle are proud to announce the release of the brand newAeons EP’, released via LOOP and Bastard Jazz. The EP is the first taste of new material since 2014’s critically acclaimed album ‘Love Can Prevail’.

The Aeons EP’ shows the continued progression of Electric Wire Hustle, pushing their sound into new territories. The EP features 5 new tunes, drawing on elements of hip-hop, soul, psychedelia and electronica, all filtered through the classic EWH sound. The EP also features guest appearances from NZ legendsKimbra and Deva Mahal, coupled with the inimitable voice of Mara TK and the unmistakable production of Taay Ninh.

While ‘Love Can Prevail’ documented the band’s relocation to Berlin and starting new lives as immigrants, the ‘Aeons EP’ is a collection of short stories.

“On our last record Love Can Prevail I was trying to distil the lyrics into some key statements about society, whether that actually f**king worked I have no idea. But with this new body of work I’m hoping to be the musical equivalent of David Lynch; to take the listener on a wild ride through new imagined worlds…” – Mara TK

Recorded in the band’s hometown of Wellington with James Duncan and the band’s longtime collaborator Benny Tones, the ‘Aeons EP’ is the next step in the evolution of Electric Wire Hustle, and the first step towards a third album.

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