Written by on October 9, 2011

Dj Grassroots - This TimeDJ Grassroots’ debut album THIS TIME is a collaborative effort, featuring a number of musicians, and top local reggae producers Dub Terminator and Iron Will, alongside LA Bassman and Producer Extraordinaire Steve ‘E’ Ross. 

‘This Time’ covers a range of genres and styles, showcasing Grassroots’ versatility as an MC, with the single ‘Seem’s Like’ being a benchmark cut for both himself and the evolution of New Zealand dancehall.

Grassroots also runs THE BACK-A-YARD SOUND SYSTEM. The sound came about in 2006, through organising large summer backyard parties for the community in Ponsonby with Mr Major. 

As time went on the system got heavier and Grassroots began running the sound for several dancehall nights in Auckland, including the crucial One Foundation nights. The Back-A-Yard Sound System is currently sitting at around 12K and has no plans for further expansion (citing a lack of venues in Auckland where a large sound can play and the lack of a truck to move a bigger rig around….). 

Always keen to collaborate, Grassroots is a key figure in the promotion of dancehall and sound system culture and has a vision of a NZ sound system event that draws in the wider community – bring it on!

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Seems Like – DJ Grassroots and Dub Terminator colab by Dj Grassroots

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