Disciple Pati ‘Serious’

Written by on August 2, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes is from Samoan South Auckland-based singer-songwriter Disciple Pati with here latest track ‘Serious’.

The refreshing R&B empowerment anthem finds Pati opening up about her experience working in a male-dominated industry, facing the double standards of gender, sexism, and the patriarchal hierarchy. Producer Edyonthebeat provides the tracks old school R&B bounce, as Pati takes a tongue-in-cheek tone asserting her worth on snappy verses and the confronting hook, “you don’t take me serious, because of my inexperience.

Directed by Shae Sterling, the cinematic music video follows a singer on her revenge plot as she reclaims her power back from abusers and gaslighters; complete with 2000’s style choreographed dance scenes, a crime-thriller plot, and unapologetic feminist ideals.”I wrote this song a lil while back about feeling frustrated at the way myself and some other women around me were getting treated by m*n in the industry,” Pati details.

“Considering the current social climate; where lots of m*les are currently running their mouths and chatting about women’s bodies/ experiences without uhh… idk ACTUALLY OWNING A PU$$Y, I hope this makes u ladies feel confident n a lil empowered. Ur in the right to feel angry. Ur in the right to feel upset. I channelled my violent inner sadist for this moment so y’all don’t have to.”

The music video was created with support from NZ On Air.

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