Deva Mahal ‘Sister’ feat. Zoe Moon

Written by on March 29, 2021

This week’s Local Eye’s video of the week is a long overdue collaboration between Deva Mahal and her sister Zoe Moon.

‘Sister’ is a deeply personal ballad to Deva and Zoe’s late sibling. Appropriately, the sisters co-wrote and produced the track, delivering it with a breathtaking, mostly beach shot video, directed by Paascalino Schaller. A video the sisters also art directed.

The track opens full of anticipation with ethereal vocals calling ‘are you there?’.  Underpinned by pensive piano chords as Deva’s unmistakable tone enters. Her vulnerability is palpable.

The voices begin to layer, as the rhythm section arrives Deva passes the baton to her younger sister Zoe. Zoe, an artist in her own right, has gone from strength to strength with her music in the past few years. It’s beautiful to hear her carry such a personal song alongside Deva with her own inflections enriching the experience.

By the time the second chorus hits, the band roll into a driving groove led by the toms, like the broken heartbeat of the song, while the guitar plays a classic chank, keeping one foot in the musical lineage which Deva carries alongside the best of her generation.

While the strong lead vocals weave seamlessly between each other, making it hard at times to differentiate between the two of them, this ballad also fulfills one’s hopes of experiencing Deva’s epic belt taking us to yet another level. The impact only grows with the sisters repeated and impassioned calls in the outro ‘if I sing louder, reaching out, oh can hear me, If I sing loud, at the top of my lungs, will you be there?’.

The Hawaiin born Kiwi sisters wealth of International experience and rich musical exposure oozes with every detail here. With the visual offering alone, akin to an award winning work of art!

We’re excited that Aotearoa still gets to keep otherwise US based Deva Mahal and experience the products of a local collaboration with whānau, the gifted artist Zoe Moon no less!

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