DBL DBL ‘Gold Series’

Written by on May 21, 2018

‘Gold Series’ is the latest single for DBL DBL, aka Liam Dargaville who along with Meer is one half of the group Cool Tan, who were formerly known as Heavy. Ya with me?

What we’ve always liked about Heavy/Cool Tan/dbldbl/Meer etc, is that they represent a community which is general more inclusive than the traditional Auckland hiphop scene would care to admit – both musically & socially. While there is more & more crossover happening between say, the electronic/DJ club scene of Neck Of The Woods and the more indie vibes of Whammy, and a handful of artists which dip in and out of multiple scenes (Yoko-Zuna for instance), we’d personally like to see more cross pollination of styles & ideals which represent the diverse talent which exists in Auckland.

Was there a point to this? I guess we’re just digging the latest output from dbldbl & Meer and suggest you explore their music further. Checking out their Bandcamp would be a good first step: https://thatsheavybro.bandcamp.com/

‘Gold Series’ finds dbldbl on a low-key sing/rap delivery, which comes with this content warning: “This abstract telling of my own personal experiences includes themes of suicide, self harm & depression”.

Love & strength to you brother.  


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