DarkLight 2 – Outdoor Projected Art Installation

Written by on February 4, 2013



DarkLight 2 is the creation of series of temporary artistic installations on the flash new white buildings on Mackelvie St, just off Ponsonby Rd during the lead up the Auckland Pride Parade. The installation, created by a mix of local established and emerging artists, will run from Thursday, February 14 to Saturday, February 16, from 8pm to midnight on each of those nights.

Ten different artists, ranging from illustrators to painters and graf artists (Gasp, Rebekah Taylor, Peap Tarr, Petra Leary, Enuake Sirikige, Hannah Jensen, Marc Conaco, Erin Forsyth, Miki Pogoni) have created artworks especially for the project, designed to fit on to the canvas that is the building fronts. Animator/skater/really good coffee maker Nico Gottschalk has pulled them all together to fit into one work to be projected on to the walls.

Anne Sim of Santos Cafe and Scott Davis of Spy Glass have come together to make this installation possible, as a way to support local artists and give them a platform to show their work on a large scale. After the success of the first DarkLight project for last year’s Art In The Dark, they saw a way to highlight an emerging artistic medium and make it more mainstream and accessible for artists. This has become one of their main objectives, as well as expanding and growing an artist base for architectural light projection installations.

Video mapping, the exchange between commercial design, street art and architecture is the new artistic medium. Architectural projection makes use of the buildings shape and form to apply images, animation and colour in a way that enhances the building, the location and most importantly the artist’s work.


DarkLight 2

February 16 – 18

8pm – midnight

59 – 65 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby


This video is from last year’s Dark Light, which started as a billboard to advertise Art In The Dark

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