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Written by on August 10, 2008

Wednesday 6-8pm with Dan Paine & Aimee

Welcome to Off The Record, a mixed music show with hosts Dan Paine & Aimee alternating weekly.

Hello, I’m the CEO of ‘Off the Record’, my name is Dan Paine and to me it’s all about the music! Good music… Electronic, rap, disco, disco-rap, funk, soul, hip-hop rap, rock, African, latin, down-beat… what I’m feelin’

Dan Paine

I’ve been a mix-head since 1997/98 when I picked up my first set of turntables.

I got involved with Base FM, when I heard about it starting up while I was living overseas. Bribes were promised and when I returned from the Land of the Rising Sun, I was doing a gig with Manuel (the infamous ATCQ debate gig), and hit him up for a slot. I have been a resident DJ on Base FM ever since, hosting ‘Off the Record’ every Wednesday night since May 2005. I love it, it’s my baby.

With ‘Off the Record’ into its sixth year of broadcast, the show’s sound and  style has evolved along with its host’s musical adventure and the listener could hear anything from a funk & soul-soaked summer session through a world music bouillabaisse to a cut and paste hip-hop set.

A lover of fine food and equally fine music. While combining the 2 doesn’t necessarily relate on the airwaves, it did make for some interesting suggestions when deciding on a “Dj Name”.
Gourmaimee was one particular favourite with the flatmates (Gournet + Aimee), as was The Rensteppa for those in the know, but in the end she kept it simply Aimee.

Soul-tinged hiphop is her forte, but Aimee can get gangsta on it when the occasion arrives. And if you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation to dinner, be sure to take her up on the offer as her home cooked meals are Gourmet to the extreme.

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