COVER STORY – A vinyl exhibition by Base FM DJs

Written by on October 18, 2016



“We hold certain pieces of vinyl in higher regard than others.
Is it the first record you bought, or is it your favourite LP with the gatefold cover?
Which one never leaves your bag? Which one never leaves the house?
Which one took the longest to find? Which one did you inherit from you parents collection?
Every record tells a story..”

12th of October – 5th of November
Studio One Toi Tū, Room 10,
1 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-4pm


Base FM is a collective of DJs who began broadcasting in May 2004 straight outta Ponsonby / Grey Lynn, aiming to bring underground music to the community.

Over 80 dedicated DJ’s with a passion for music. This exhibition will showcase the meaning of music through each individual Vinyl Cover and their Story behind it.


I first listened to this record when I was about 14. My brother was out and I put it on, I lay back on his bed and zoned out to the music. I remember the sun on my face and the peace I felt. It was a real musical experience and I was totally captivated by the sound. Since that time I have listened to this record many times. I still get real pleasure out of it.
– Albert Wesker
Beats from the Underground (Saturday 12am – 2am)

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