Written by on May 16, 2017

Cover Story Part 1 was a Vinyl Exhibition by Base FM DJ’s. Featuring 75 record sleeves submitted by the DJs at Base FM. The concept was to choose one record from your personal collection and tell us what that record means to you.

Base FM Presents Cover Story 2 Exhibition: NZ Records That Shaped Our Dance Floors

When a local artist releases something on vinyl, it’s usually a big deal. Even more so, when some of the countries most influential DJs pick up on that record and start playing it out in their sets.
Base FM’s Cover Story 2 Exhibition brings together some of the most influential NZ records as played by NZ’s top DJs on NZ dance floors.

Featuring over 40 New Zealand record covers from the collections of Bevan Keys, Downtown Brown, P-Money, Chris Cox, Concord Dawn, Jay Bulletproof, Peter Urlich, Nathan Haines, Manuel Bundy and the individual stories.

Head over to the Base FM Facebook page for the full album or click the images below.

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