CD of the Week: CHORDS "Looped State Of Mind"

Written by on April 19, 2013

Monday 22nd April, 2013

Chords a producer/vocalist/MC from Sweden who were met while he was visiting NZ in March. His Auckland stay saw him working alongside Mara & Dave from Electric Wire Hustle on a new, as of yet unreleased project. Pleasantly surprised to discover the sound of Base FM, Chords dropped into the studio during King Kapisi’s ‘Fugg You Show’ and left a handful of his latest CD for some on-air giveaways. ‘Looped State Of Mind’ has a fresh mix of live instruments and classic hiphop beats, allowing Chords to explore his range, both as a vocalist and an MC.

Chords, or Jens Resch as it appears in the passport, is undoubtedly one of the most diverse hip hop artists. In addition to his 2 previous solo albums, he has released three albums with reggae project Helt Off, toured frequently with Timbuktu and guest / produced on several other artists’ records. The last ten years have Chords been a clear frontman for Swedish hip-hop as he moved freely among other genres, thus formed itself into the artist that he is today – who writes, produces and supports its own material. Over the last four years, Chords had New York as its home base, where it has recently been working on her new album Looped State Of Mind. An album where he was alone behind the controls have full control over the songwriting, arrangement and production. He sees the disc as a kind of thesis in the “producer schools” – as he calls his last four years in Brooklyn. | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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