CD of the week: IVA LAMKUM "Black Eagle"

Written by on September 7, 2012

A songs-as-storybook collection of half a decade day-to-day experiences, Black Eagle consists of a series of deeply personal, yet universally relatable meditations on family, hard-work, internal conflict, the loved and the loveless.


Drawing stylistically on elements of roots reggae, folk, rock, funk, indie and beyond, the album repositions Iva, an artist oft viewed under a neo soul light, within a borderless musical world.

For those who miss Amy Winehouse’s alto blues pipes, try the New Zealand-based, Samoan/Chinese singer Iva Lamkum on for size.” – MTV Iggy


Iva first came to my attention on Sola Rosa’s fantastic Get It Together from 2009. Hearing lead single ‘Turn Around’ for the first time I was instantly hooked … who was the lady with the husky, soulful, funk-tinged voice?” – Soul:UK

“Lamkum has made a strong statement that would seem to indicate stardom isn’t far off” – 4 stars, NZ Herald

“This is a very strong product from a lady who’s been under the radar way too long. People – this is Iva Lamkum. Applaud Now!” – 4 stars, Groove Guide

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