Breaking Artist (April 2021)

Written by on April 9, 2021

‘Breaking Artists’ on Base is a monthly feature where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month so we can push their music far and wide.

This month’s picks…

La Coco – Another

La Coco‘s newest offering, ‘Another‘ featuring Hawkins, is a delectable fusion of RnB, dance, and pop lyricism, another great stride from the trailblazing songstress‘Another’, is a heart-wrenching tale of the ebb and flow of love, and the agony and ecstasy of the fall. “A heart grows fonder for her love as time, absence and distance slowly begins to separate them, she begins to think the worst“, says La Coco. The collaboration between La Coco and Hawkins stems from a close friendship, which shines through in this track, adding to its organic honesty and depth.

Fletcher Mills – Late Nights

Fletcher Mills combines his background in Choir and Classical Piano with RnB elements and influences from Berlin electronic scene. ‘LATE NIGHTS’ is Fletcher’s summary of his sound in Berlin, a labour of love that took up most of his lockdown time.

Silas Futura – Ata Marie

Silas Futura, previously known as Bobandii for a number of years has embarked on a new musical path with his newly released ‘Pluto’. The EP brings together some of the best musicians in Tāmaki Makaurau embarking on an intergalactic journey, travelling through the constellations of Jazz, HipHop, Funk, Soul and R&B finding a home on the edge of genres. ‘Ate Marie’ showcases the rich talent abroad ‘Pluto’, as well as “musicianship at its finest with everyone just noodling out,” says Silas.

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