Written by on July 20, 2020

Live-looping multi-instrumentalist Bosho joins forces with rapper/lyricist Hoody Time on this incendiary track demanding “TRUTH” from our world leaders. Bosho’s guitar-driven instrumental featuring catchy loops and an aggressive solo sets the perfect mood for Hoody Time’s provocative lyrics. “TRUTH” brings the spotlight to Flint, Michigan’s water crisis, the greed of Big Pharma, late-stage Capitalism, our addiction to social media and more. “TRUTH” aims to ignite a revolution within us as humans. We’re taking it back, don’t let up.

The video, shot across myriad locations around Aotearoa New Zealand’s South Island, features the boys fiercely delivering this tune to a crowd of ZERO. From majestic landscapes and desolate backgrounds to typically busy public spaces and arenas, the message is projected but falls on deaf ears. “How the average human probably feels… unheard” says Hoody. Director Jonathan Lopardo (also on drones) put together an incredible team with Macca Clark on ground cameras, Kaleb Johnston documenting behind the scenes, and Ben Henry, Jane Cowdrey, Liat Veysey and various friends assigning in set design, wardrobe, art direction and assistant directing. The entire team resides in Nelson, though the US, UK and New Zealand are represented amongst the creatives origins.


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