Base FM HQ Live #20 | SOJØURN

Written by on October 16, 2019

We did it again and squeezed in a full 6-piece band into Base HQ! We had the awesome psychedelic reggae outfit SOJØURN in the studio for a chat with Ian Beatmaster Wright and performed brand their new track “This Place” live!

“This Place” is an anxious and driving blues song, which sees vocalist, Annaree Peters deliver a strong environmental message, against a dark, psychedelic groove. The lyrics are contemplative, but are delivered powerfully, urging the listener to consider the state of this planet we call home and human impact on the whenua (environment). This is augmented by searing lead guitar bends and bluesey organ sounds , while the bass and drums hold down a lively reggae beat.

“This Place” is an ode to the Whenua of Aotearoa and the future of this place we call home. Whether it be protecting our Beaches, Forests, Rivers and Lakes for future generations, or the horrific burning of the Amazon for corporate greed, or micro-plastics entering our Oceans, we hope that “This Place” resonates with people and can somehow bring about change.

See SOJØURN at The Rare Occasion 6 – Mangawhai Tavern on Saturday 16th NovemberLeighton Fairlie Distant Ep Tour|Whangarei w/Sulu & Sojøurn on Saturday 30th November and/or at Shipwrecked Festival NZ in Feb 2020.


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