Written by on November 5, 2018

Produced by SFT, ‘Sugar’ is a sweet love song dripping in old school style production, 90’s R&B reminiscent melodies and a romantic verse from MELODOWNZ. BAILEY describes the single as “the first song I’ve written that I’ve instantly fallen in love with in a minute.” Bored of love that is just comfortable, Bailey searches for a soul shaking connection so sweet it makes her sick to her stomach.

“An unrequited love or an unattainable love? The kind of love that should make you wanna run for the hills. I had convinced myself I wasn’t.. in love. Truly. I changed the sheets and shaved my legs. I had also convinced myself I was done trying to connect and had finally finished my last sentence with that brick wall.” BAILEY WILEY explains of her inspiration behind ‘Sugar’s concept. ‘Sugar’ captures Bailey’s hunger for fatal attraction, reciprocation and devotion – all of which come from trusting in the unknown.

Since S.O.M.M., BAILEY has become more hands on with her mixing process, experimenting with live instrumentals and giving her sound a fresh authenticity. She describes her upcoming project as “open and honest. It’s important to release music you absolutely love. Throughout the writing process I went through some very confronting moments, creatively and in my life. The songs are all individually special and carrying their own truths.”



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