@PEACE ‘Flowers’

Written by on February 7, 2013

@peace: Lui Tuiasau | Tom Scott | Christoph El Truento | Dandruff Dicky | Brandon Haru

@peace are working on a conceptual album about space, finality, quantum theory and other things that you probably can’t dance to. Their preview to this album is a 10 track conceptual EP about a failed relationship entitled ‘Girl Songs’. This will be released on Valentine’s Day at a special pay what you want price for the broken ass loners and rebels of the Hallmark cooperation.

“For us music is actually therapy… doing this project cleared my head, forced me to sort out not only how I feel about shit but your own issues, ’cause everyone has them you know” – Lui T

“This album to me was: I was going through a fuckin’ hard painful time where I just lost the love of my love from my own fuckups, from my own infidelity. I wrote about it, it come out like it did and it’s the most honest shit i’ve ever written in my life. That’s what the album is to me” – Tom Scott


Radio NZ Music 101: The Music Mix 101 (produced by Sam Wicks)

@peace the Music Mix Remixed by younggiftedandbroke

Behind the scenes: @peace – Girl Songs (produced by ArtyFilms)

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