ARTE NA FAVELA: Grab & Go @ Santos throughout July

Written by on July 1, 2015

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Santos Cafe Ponsonby has always been a great champion of local artists, and their art wall has been part of the vibe since 1996. Many young aspiring artists have become a household name since they first exhibited on Santos’art wall. The Santos art wall is named Arte Na Favela.

Exhibiting in May is artist an anonymous artist with an exhibition:
Grab & Go

Artists Statement:

Basically I don¹t look to make money from my art. I respect that others do that but I want to take the money factor out, while not removing the effort, quality of medium or expression of style.

By taking away what a piece costs and leaving it as it started, as an
expression, is it’s value any more or less? Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying my work is priceless or even suggesting that I am an artist. I am just removing the thing that I believe can stop someone from
appreciating (or not), what I created because a dollar sign sits beside it.

That’s the philosophy behind ‘Grab & Go‘.  I invite you to grab something I
have created because it’s yours to take. It’s free, “Grab & Go.”

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