Saturday Morning Joints

Written by on August 13, 2008

Saturday Morning 8am – 10am with Al & Bain

Al hails from Edinburgh in Scotland and Bain was born in the mighty Tokoroa. They got to know each other after Al moved to New Zealand from Glasgow in Scotland, partly through a passion for good funk music. There’s no great story behind the music and they have pretty normal jobs when they’re not on the radio. Although Al studied Fine Art back home and Bain did music at University so it’s there somewhere.


The two of them used to do a show on another Auckland radio station but were kicked off for playing jazz…. (I know!) Until they started their “Saturday Morning Joints” show on Base they were homeless.

They’ll start your Saturday morning off with a mix of funk, afro-beat, soul, hip-hop, reggae and any other tasty morsels they like the look of (Bain’s got a soft spot for Snoop Dogg). They’re not DJs but enjoy sharing their extensive collection of all things funky with the good listeners of Base FM.

Al and Bain do the odd gig around town under the pseudonym Milk and Cookies. If they’ve got one coming up don’t worry they tell you all the details on their show.

They don’t have DJ names (Milk and Cookies was given under duress) because they’re not really DJs they just like good funk music.

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