9-5ERS ‘Phonebooth’

Written by on September 4, 2018


Look up in the sky it’s a bird?……It’s a plane?…. No, it’s 9-5ers stealing the metaphor of a workingman leading a double life.

9-5ers fantastic four (S.F.T, Heefhakaboogie, Sabe, Edgar) battle the dichotomy of living in the “real world” while still pursuing dreams of a passion similar to that of the struggles of Clark Kent.

Taken off their EP Happy Hour, 9-5ers with the support of NZ on Air have taken the Phone Booth to the small screen and then back on to the big stage with a musical themed video. Directed by acclaimed videographer Tama Gotchi curator of blockbuster visuals such as “Young Samba” and “Future”.  This book ends the “Happy Hour” anthology with the new collection to drop summer 2019.

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