0800 ‘COUPE’

Written by on August 30, 2021

This Week’s Local Eyes is from Auckland based rap collective 0800, with their latest single ‘Coupe’ from their ‘ATTENTION FOR A SECOND‘ EP.

In 2019, a group called 0800 emerged out of nowhere with their debut single, ‘DONDE’. While the identities of the members were kept a mystery in the following months, the familiar toll-free number of their namesake circled back to Auckland, New Zealand, where a new hip-hop supergroup was destined to take form. With its N.E.R.D. esque Spanish guitar riff loop, slick falsetto, and sharp rap verse formula introducing the dynamics of each member, the following year saw ‘DONDE’ hit one million Spotify streams organically – without any marketing, radio play, or promo – and it was the first song the group had ever created together after meeting the same night. Although the natural chemistry radiating in their first studio session seemed too good to be true, ‘DONDE’s success was much more than just a fated fluke. With the magic 8-ball as 0800’s emblem, which traditionally represents both good and bad luck, the symbol emphasizes the philosophy of divine chance that powered their first session and brought 0800 to life back when they were just a group of mutual friends messing around in the studio.

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