Talking Points with Isaac Aesili

Written by on May 20, 2016


TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C (thanks to NZ On Air Music)

Date: August 2015
Guest reviewer: Isaac Aesili
Featured release: VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘Conglomerates’


Featured track #1: JULIEN DYNE ‘Maddingos’
Featured track #2: ISAAC AESILI ‘Space Migration’
Featured track #3: LORD ECHO ft. MARA TK ‘Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow’

Isaac Aesili is an Auckland-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and producer. Aesili got his start in the music industry when he joined hip-hop soul band Solaa in 1997. He joined Opensouls in 2004, and has performed with The Recloose Live Band, Shapeshifter, House Of Shem, Trinity Roots, Eru Dangerspiel, Lord Echo and The Tornadoes. He released his solo album ‘Eye Sea’ in 2009, teamed up with his brother for the Karlmarx Project album in 2011, then formed the group Funkommunity and released the album ‘Chequered Thoughts’ in 2012, before changing the name to Sorceress for ‘Dose’ album in 2014!

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