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Wednesday 2-4pm with TDK & ILL BAZ

The Brew Up show consists of the badest local & international Hip Hop beats, a few beers and the Rakinos Gig guide. The cuts, scratches and live mixing is covered by the talented DJ TDK: consistently dropping the tracks that make you say “Ohoi remember this banger?!”. Special show features include "The Haz Beats Section" with Haz on the decks jamming out his latest home-made beat collection. Frequent guests drop by the studio and spit verses over exclusive beats… So if your into that good shit, tune in every Wednesdays 2-4pm.

Brew Up Xmas

TDK (photo centre):
The Brew Up veteran who just couldn’t give up the sweet taste of Monster +Tiger (MONSTER BITE!). DJ TDK spins the vinyls that made your primary schooldays. His addiction to mixin’ and scratchn’ the tracks gives the show a reason tolisten.

Baz Mataz (photo right):
Found sitting outside Base Fm pretending to be hosting shows. Baz is the finalpart to the Brew Up show. From the underground magazine Distorted View Bazis there to update you on what gigs are on and what’s going down near you.